I've been beginning to work toward a sequel to Memoirs of an Italian Geek, but in the meantime you'll find more recent Geek-related events and other things that catch my interest on my blog (also known as a web log). For more about my blog, go to

Memoirs of an Italian Geek is now available at Amazon in both paperback and hardcover. Also, all of the current distributors are reporting that the hardcover edition is now available for purchase.


Memoirs of an Italian Geek is now available at in hardcover and paperback. It has also been made available at in hardcover and paperback.


Memoirs of an Italian Geek is now available at Barnes and Noble in both paperback and will soon be available in hardcover. iUniverse will be the fastest to fill the order but other stores are beginning to pick it up! The hardcover edition should be available by the end of the month.

Memoirs of an Italian Geek is now available for ordering! It is currently available in paperback at the iUniverse bookstore! It will soon be picked up by other stores and will also be available in hardcover. iUniverse is my publisher so they will probably get it to you the fastest!
The proofs came in: they have to make a small change to the copy on the cover and then it'll take another couple of weeks before the book goes live. If the covers are correct, and they might not be, pricing is $16.95 for the paperback and $26.95 for the hardcover (US).

The complete list of chapters is now available on its own page - the manuscript has been proofed a "last" time and has been sent into the publisher's hands. Next step: the proofs come back to me for approval before printing begins!
The final manuscript went back out to the publishers this past Friday so things are progressing. I'm told from my contact at the publishing house that the next step are proofs, which I get to review before the final step: going to print. Things just keep rolling along!
My first manuscript has come back from the reviewers! Now it's time for any last minute updates as I impliment some of the changes that the reviewers suggested - by Jul-28 the manuscript will be resubmitted and set to publish!
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